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World Heritage Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is a World Heritage Site, a gigantic historical monument, an architectural masterpiece, a tourist attraction, a haven of spirituality ...


A place of superlatives

With a height of 157 meters once the highest building in the world and still the third highest church building in the world - over 600 years of construction - with over 6 million visitors a year, one of the most visited sights in Germany - and, and, and.

The never-ending story of keeping the cathedral alive devours millions every year. And from today's perspective, it will remain so until doomsday. That's why we have to make a real effort to tackle this Herculean task every year anew.

The Zentral Dombau Verein (ZDV), founded in 1842, was instrumental in financing the "completion" and continues to be indispensable for the important preservation of the cathedral.

Those who support the ZDV give back to the Cathedral by helping to preserve it.

The RGF is a member of the Zentral Dombau Verein. We invite you to do the same - freely following the ZDV slogan: "So that the cathedral remains ours."

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