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Tradition and modernity together in focus – rgf

The RGF History - The RGF (Ring Grafischer Fachhändler) is a traditional specialized trade association with a long history of success.



Textile Printing: RGF takes over European distribution of the CN TOP and COLORJET brands under the CN TOP EUROPE brand.


Light Production Printing: the next step in the expansion of specialty print solutions. With partners ColorGATE, Graphtec and OKI and exklsuvien ColorGATE for OKI solutions (c4o), the RGF Print then Cut focuses on solutions that will be presented as part of the Fakedays roadshow.


100% Digital Label Printing: Digital label printing solutions are moving into the focus of RGF members. With EPSON, OKI and UniNet, strong partners stand at the side of the RGF. In spring, the central demo center of the RGF members is opened in Mülheim an der Ruhr.


The founding of the RGF is already the thirtieth anniversary. Right at the beginning of the year, a new innovative corporate design with a new online presence is implemented. One of the main goals is to improve the flow of information from the RGF Group's rich repository to the client. This includes better visibility for the customers, where they can benefit from the multipliers in the RGF everywhere.

Repositioning 2015:

Neupositionierung 2015



Already in the previous year, the RGF begins to strategically develop the topic of 3D printing. From the end of 2013, customers of RGF members will be able to get advice on the applications and uses, the possibilities and opportunities, the solutions and target markets. 3D printing solutions will be available for the first time from the RGF. Later, the first 3D printing industry initiative 3DION will be founded by the RGF.


The RGF presents itself as a group for the members and partners regularly at trade fairs – including drupa, photokina and Viscom.
In close cooperation for and with the partner OKI, the RGF develops a concept for OKI's revolutionary white toner technology for transfer applications on colored T-shirts, cups, caps, advertising materials, etc.. Vorläufiger Höhepunkt is the international product launch in cooperation with other partners for and with OKI at the photokina of the year.


RGF - the multipliers: In the twenty-sixth year of existence, the RGF also maps its new orientation more clearly externally. Under "RGF - the multipliers", the networking of member companies (traders) among themselves and with the RGF partners from the industry and the RGF headquarters with the benefit für the customers in the various target markets is made clear.


25 years of RGF: May marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of RGF. In the anniversary year, the realignment was also consistently advanced. For example, the RGF folder, which was relaunched in November 2009, is published every two months with many interesting offers and promotions for our customers.

In addition to the traditional target markets in the graphic arts industry, the RGF also offers its expertise in other vertical markets.
The RGF is again represented in Switzerland and is a new member of the ZGV (Zentralverband Gewerblicher Verbundgruppen e.V.).

Further development of the logo in 2009:

Weiterentwicklung des Logos 2009



Since the beginning of 2009, the RGF has been facing the constantly changing market conditions with changed structures, new ideas and concepts.

The number of members is being purposefully expanded in order to once again achieve comprehensive market coverage. Security is in the foreground, i.e. a natural protection for the specialized dealers by the group and the network; with regard to the industry, the competition, as well as a possible margin decline - which is usually to the detriment of the customer service. For the first time ever, the RGF offers specialist dealers access to innovative products and solutions at very good conditions.

With the new managing director Thomas Meurers the RGF already reaches most goals by the yearly deadline.

The RGF headquarters (RING Grafischer Fachhändler GmbH) moves from Pliezhausen near Reutlingen to Cologne, the city of the three kings.


The most successful year in history to date for the RGF and its members. 25 specialist dealers in Germany and Austria serve their customers in the traditional graphic arts market.


Economic considerations led to the founding of "Ring Grafischer Fachhändler GmbH" in February 1994. From the company headquarters in Pliezhausen near Reutlingen and under the management of Wolfgang Grauer, the RGF continued its success story. With specialized trade members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the RGF association developed into an important know-how carrier and a strong partner for customers/users and the supply industry.

Logo of the RGF at its founding in 1985:

Logo des RGF bei seiner Gründung 1985:


The "Ring grafischer Fachhändler" was founded in May 1985 by eleven graphic arts dealers as a registered association. The idea was born during a joint trip to the USA and a visit to Polychrome, partly on the initiative of the "Grafische Palette" editorial team from the "Deutscher Drucker" publishing house. For many years, the purpose and goal of the association was the exchange of experience in all areas of entrepreneurial activity, in addition to the exchange of goods between the member companies. In the years that followed, it developed more and more into a purchasing and advertising association. An association with a strong and comprehensive market presence.

From the document on the founding of the association: "In a market that is increasingly dominated by the large players in the industry and at the same time is subject to a sometimes dramatic process of shrinkage, medium-sized and small specialist retailers can only maintain a competitive position if they are aware of their strength within the group."