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Always looking to the future - rgf.multipliers

The RGF industry partners and suppliers!

"We are learning to live in a world that combines cooperation and competition"

(Henry Ford)


RGF - the multipliers: Network and association of specialist dealers, system houses and consultants. RGF members serve their customers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Loyal partner and important link

The RGF headquarters has been established for over 30 years as a loyal partner and an important link between the industry and the trade.

One of the most important goals of the cooperation is the establishment of innovative solutions on the market. Joint supra-regional marketing and the possibilities of joint activities and actions are positive and necessary in their variety and importance for the RGF members from the trade and the RGF partners from the supplier industry.

Improved technological and economic competitiveness of RGF members is another important goal of the Verbund community.
  The bundling of purchasing volumes, joint supra-regional marketing, and the transfer of technology or exchange of information among each other increase the benefits for RGF members.

This benefits not only members and partners, but also the customers of RGF members from the retail sector.

The rapid structural change in the various target markets increasingly requires the use of synergies. The new range of services to be defined places economic and technical demands on the specialist retailers, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises with traditionally consulting-intensive sales, which are difficult to realize for individual companies. This development confirms the conviction that only a strong community of specialist retailers can offer realistic opportunities for the future.

Comprehensive sales and service structures consisting of efficient specialist dealers and system houses with an extensive service network is no less important a corporate objective.

The RGF is a member of the Mittelstandsverbund/ZGV (Zentralverband Gewerblicher Verbundgruppen e.V.), with whose support the RGF goals are fulfilled.

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